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Helping families living in inadequate housing to keep from entering the shelter with Shelter Diversion.

With a 29% increase in youth experiencing homelessness living without a parent or guardian, Family Promise of Lawton is seeking to minimize the need for families living in inadequate housing to enter the shelter. 


Our Diversion Program focuses on helping families living in inadequate shelters (including staying with friends, couch surfing, and living in a crowded or substandard condition) by offering services like housing applications, getting forms of identification, connections to other agencies that provide services such as food assistance, healthcare services, and referrals to agencies who provide rental and utility assistance. These and other measures help to ensure families don't have to enter the shelter while working toward a home of their own. 

The Diversion Program focuses on 4 main goals. 

These objectives ensure families who are living in substandard conditions can achieve housing without having to enter the shelter.

  1. Shelter diversion will make all reasonable efforts to support families living in inadequate, substandard or less than ideal housing, gain independence and self sufficiency.

  2. Families will receive and maintain all benefits they qualify for.

  3. Families will have all identifying documents necessary.

  4. Families will be housed independently and furnishings will be established.

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