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Shelter Stories: Aubrey's Testimony

It was July. Hundred-degree weather had been the norm for more than a month. I was living in a rundown house in a rundown relationship. I needed to leave, but I had no way out. I didn’t make enough money to get out on my own, but the time came when I had to leave whether I could or not. Family Promise was there for me and my kids. We were offered a place and given the opportunity to work the program.

At first, I was afraid, but having had intimate knowledge of Family Promise, I knew if I just stuck with it, I could succeed. Family Promise helped me maintain my job and was there for me when my vehicle died providing me transportation to where I needed to go. They helped me maintain all my kids’ and my medical needs and were a guide when I was unsure how to proceed.  Through the program I was able to save money and apply for services, including low-income housing where I was approved for an apartment after about two months. The feeling of having my own place then is hard to describe but it was something not unlike freedom. I was and am so grateful to Family Promise who still supports and enriches my life through their Stabilization Program and my job there as Media Specialist. I am so lucky and blessed and grateful for everything Family Promise has done and still does for me and my kids. They gave me hope when I had none, and Hope changed my story.

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