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Shelter Stories: Amanda

Family Promise is a family shelter that provides a holistic approach a trauma informed services to help unhoused families achieve independence. Amanda is a single mother, and one of the families who has succeeded and thrived in our program.

Amanda became homeless after her mother had a heart attack and her own health prevented her from working. After struggling to find a place to stay, DHS was called by family members and Amanda needed to figure something out fast. Her DHS worker suggested Family Promise.

Amanda was apprehensive, “I was real stubborn for like a week and I was like ‘I’m not doing it. I’m not going to a shelter. I’m going to figure out something else.’” But Amanda’s daughter Diamond told her to ‘swallow her pride and do it.’


“So, I called,” she said. “It was hard for me. At first, I was scared. My anxiety was really bad. I did try to go to Taliaferro, but they said they wouldn’t take me because of my disability. So, then I called [Family Promise] and within like two days later [a case worker] called me, I went to take the drug test and then I came here and I’m really glad I did.”

Amanda was overwhelmed the first few days. “I was scared, didn’t know what to think, what to do.” After a few days, she started to get more comfortable and felt the structured environment was beneficial. Every few sentences, Amanda says, “I’m really glad I came.”

Amanda’s family was only at Family Promise for a month and their situation improved quickly.

“With the resources, I was able to learn more about myself that I didn’t really know,” she says. “I always heard bad stuff about shelters. I thought we was fixing to sleep on cots on the floor. But everybody here, they want you to grow. The staff is amazing. I appreciate everything that has been done for me.”

Amanda’s family continues to have success maintaining housing and independence. Their dog, Unique, was reunited with them when they moved in and now Amanda and her family volunteer at Family Promise in their free time. “My family is so grateful for Family Promise. It’s a permanent part of our lives now.”

Family Promise has countless stories just like this one, that prove how much Hope Changes the Story.

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